BARBARA I GONGINI Fall/Winter 2015-16

Barbara í Gongini graduated from Denmark School of Design at the Institute of Unica Design in 1996. She founded her namesake brand in 2005, which is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The label creates unique and suitable clothing for both men and women. Structural shapes, experimental patterns and contemporary tailoring are the hallmarks of BARBARA I GONGINI. The brand received special recognition for the novel denim creations in the Denim Challenge advocated by Copenhagen Fashion Summit, 2014. For Fall/Winter 2015-16, Barbara í Gongini focused on a transparency effect that was accomplished through layering and color shading. Thick wool, lustrous fur and hardy leather were amalgamated with light jersey, textured linen and graphic silks. The key details in the collection included multifunctional closures, ripped hand-knits and re-worked denim. Barbara í Gongini designed herself the leather accessories. The collection offered conceptual, wearable and contemporary clothing for both genders.

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