Daniela D’Amico T-shirt Collection Spring 2015

Daniela D'Amico T-shirt Collection Spring/Summer 2015
Promising designer Daniela D’Amico graduated from the prominent London College and Chelsea College of Art with BA in Textiles in 2011. She worked for Selina Blow as a head of design studio before setting up her own label. Daniela D’Amico launched her brand with “The Bellagio Collection” Fall/Winter 2014-15, which was inspired by the designer’s ancestral home of Lake Como in Italy.Daniela D'Amico T-shirt Collection Spring/Summer 2015The young designer created her own textiles and patterns for the lineup. The silhouettes incorporated a perfect combination of the androgynous tailoring juxtaposed with the softness of romantic prints. Daniela D’Amico extensively worked on the tailoring, the feminine structure and the fitting of the garment to complement the figure of the wearer.
Daniela D'Amico T-shirt Collection Spring/Summer 2015Daniela D'Amico T-shirt Collection Spring/Summer 2015Daniela D'Amico T-shirt Collection Spring/Summer 2015Daniela D'Amico T-shirt Collection Spring/Summer 2015
The shapes were crafted to lengthen and enhance the body, and the positional designs were purposely structured to the body. The collection included coats, jackets and separates. Each garment expressed its own story with harmonious movement of the body. Recently, Daniela D’Amico launched a limited edition Capsule T-shirt collection for Spring/Summer 2015.
Daniela D'Amico T-shirt Collection Spring/Summer 2015

The T-shirts conveyed a variation of illustrative prints that were also arrayed with colorful furs. The prints were inspired by Daniela D’Amico’s ancestral home in Sicily, by the ancient mosaics and traditional fruits of Sicily. The pieces were unique, elegant and fun, which were already worn by a Celebrity Fashion Stylist & DJ Alexis Knox. The T-shirts will be available on Daniela’s website and also at various boutiques in London.

Designer Daniela D'Amico

Designer Daniela D’Amico

If you would like to know more about Daniela or her brand Daniela D’Amico, feel free to visit the links below.
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