Daria Zhiliaeva “BRYOPHYTA” Collection

Daria Zhiliaeva originally from Russia studied fine art and fashion at the Stieglitz Art and Design Academy. Later on, she continued her education at the Parisian Fashion School Atelier Chardon Savard. Recently, Daria Zhiliaeva received a degree in Fashion Design Studies from the Polimoda Fashion School Institute of Design and Marketing in Florence, Italy. She interned at the Tatyana Parfionova Fashion House in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Daria Zhiliaeva also took a few courses at the Central Saint Martins College. Her latest collection “BRYOPHYTA” focused on the cipher – a lost language. The magical elements and garments symbolized the desire for protection that humans infuse in clothing. Daria Zhiliaeva displayed a mysterious one-handed monster as the hero of fairytale. The fencing jacket, a Siberian child robe, a fish-skin wedding vest and a traditional nettle dress supported the slim and tall silhouette. The collection featured unique garments enriched by Daria’s Russian heritage.

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