DZHUS Fall/Winter 2012-13

Dzhus photo courtesy of Dzhus.A young Ukrainian designer Irina Dzhus founded her brand DZHUS in 2010.  The Founder of Dzhus, Irina Dzhus. Photo courtesy of Dzhus.The label’s concept is based on the interaction and transformation of construction elements into new aesthetics. It’s a conceptual and avant-garde wear. The clothing is designed for women, who are able to see the pieces as metaphysical objects and complementary forms for their personalities. Fall/Winter 2012-13 collection “Technogenesis” won 2nd place in “Look into the Future” contest for young designers, which was held by Ukrainian Fashion Week, and it also was shown at Odessa Holiday Fashion Week and I Love Kiev Festival. The theme of “Technogenesis” collection was about the regeneration of anthropogenic civilization’s destructive priorities into a virtually new transmarginal existence – an image of “post-apocalyptic archangel”, as the quintessence of restructuring and modification of consumeristic society value categories in order to create the post-utilitarian aesthetics. Dzhus "Technogenesis" Fall/Winter 2012/13. Photo Julia Chernih courtesy of DzhusThe idea of diverse was used in the prototype design modules, which was incarnated in the transformer garments. Designer Irina Dzhus united traditional textiles with industrial materials.Dzhus "Technogenesis" Fall/Winter 2012/13. Photo Olga Nepravda courtesy of Dzhus. The monochromatic color palette accentuated the structure of the designs. Irina Dzhus portrayed a futuristic and conceptual collection with the implementation of her unique vision into the designs. She represents a very rare category of young Ukrainian designers – avant-garde fashion.
Dzhus "Technogenesis" Fall/Winter 2012/13. Photo Julia Chernih courtesy of Dzhus.

If you would like to know more about Irina or her brand DZHUS, feel free to visit the links below.
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