Asa Kazingmei “CHANGVEI” Winter/Festive 2014

Young designer Asa Kazingmei was born in Ukhrul, Manipur. He expressed interest in fashion at an early age. Asa studied and graduated from the International National Institute of Fashion Design Mumbai in 2008. After completing the studies, he worked for a while as a designer for Priya andDesigner Asa Kazingmei Chinta and as the head designer for Amber and Shirrin. Asa Kazingmei enjoys challenges and likes to push the boundaries.

Since childhood I always modified my clothes never wearing them as it is, and that’s how I started in fashion. I am fond of experimenting with something new. Edgy, experimental, exuberant, and limitless is what defines Asa Kazingmei.
His designs represent a nonconformist and contemporary style mixed together with traditional elements. In 2012, he launched his own label Asa Kazingmei Haute Couture. The same year Asa debuted at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 with the collection named “Immortal” as part of the GenNext Designers. The talented designer was selected as one of the seven from over 250 aspiring designers. The source of inspiration for the show was based on the beauty of Naga Tribe’s textiles of Tngkhul. Asa Kazingmei employed unconventional threads, weaved fabrics and diamond motifs usually found in art pieces. The majestic shawls – Raivat and Chonkhom were transformed into gorgeous creations with superb cutting and construction techniques. Each piece featured the immortal spirit of the Tngkhul textiles.

The way I would describe Asa Kazingmei woman, she is still single lol!
There were lattice on maroon and black sheaths, asymmetric hemline dresses with abstract prints, a two piece dress with a wired hemline in red and etc. The collection introduced sensational garments that were well tailored and constructed. Just recently, Asa Kazingmei showcased his newest collection “CHANGVEI” Winter/Festive 2014 at Lakmé Fashion Week and already actress Saidah Jules was spotted wearing a dress from the new lineup. The theme was inspired by an old Naga word that means Defender or Protector.

CHANGVEI is the theme of this collection, which is derived from an old Naga word CHANGVEI that means a Defender or Protector. CHANGVEI is a shield that Naga warriors used during wars. It’s made of a very thick hide and strong enough to withhold an attack from any kind of sharp weapon.

Changvei is a shield made from thick hide, which was used by the Naga warriors during wars. The fashion story focused on a man who fought for his survival in the collapsing world, where unrest, strife, discrimination and no respect for human value dominated the scene. Asa Kazingmei inspired by changvei gave to his injured hero a hope for survival. Thick denim, leather and rivets were the key components on the runway.Designer Asa Kazingmei
Unrest, strife, discrimination and no respect for human value has brought this world to a precipice of collapse, man fighting for survival in this savage world without hope. CHANGVEI inspires me to give this wounded man something that would invoke a fighting spirit in him and give hope. It was inspired by versatility of Changvei along with its immense toughness, and the substrates that were used thick denim, leathers and rivets. Black is heavily used in this creation, which represents my angst against this chaos and my desire to fight back.

In the silhouettes, the upper part is more structured and body hugging for both men and women with detailing of pleats, rivets and piping accentuated with metallic chains, studs, rivets and zippers. The bottoms for women are flowy and transparent with details of riveting, leather piping and appliqué. The show was fantastic, and it received a very good response.
Designer Asa Kazingmei One of the main colors, black represented a desire to fight back. The silhouettes were structured and fitted for both men and women. Asa Kazingmei conveyed richly pieces with pleats, rivets, piping, metallic chains, studs and zippers. The bottoms of the clothing for women were transparent and embroidered with appliques, leather piping and riveting.

The men’s bottom has a drop crotch with detailing of layering, tucks, studs and riveting. All of the men’s trousers have ultra-low waist. Also, all of the creations are styled using leather gloves, boots and harnesses designed by me to complete the looks.
The men’s looks had a drop crotch in the pants, layering, tucks, studs and riveting. The white gown cited hope, essence and strength to carry on in the chaotic world. All of the garments were completed with leather gloves, boots, harnesses and hair accessories like wooden hair pins and dream catchers. This collection offered amazing, dramatic and experimental garments.

For men, I wanted to have a sharp cut with layering in a dark color like black, dark green, and etc.

The hair accessory includes carved wooden hair pins inspired by the native hair accessory.

If my other garments represent a journey, my show stopper gown symbolizes the destination of this chaotic journey. It represents hope, essence, and the one thing that gives strength to carry on. It embodies the ultimate goal. The gown is made of fine leather with appliqués, it took me 12 days to complete.

Asa Kazingmei designed one of a kind pieces by invoking the Naga warrior spirit and bringing his creations to life.

Asa Kazingmei “CHANGVEI” Winter/Festive 2014 Lakmé Fashion Week

Asa Kazingmei “CHANGVEI” Winter/Festive 2014 Lookbook

Photographer: Vikram Bawa
Models: Preeti Chauhan, Augustine Shimray, Opang Jamir & Thotreichan Sasa
Hair & Make up: Abhilasha Singh

Asa Kazingmei Winter/Festive 2014 Promotional Photoshoot

Photos: Vikram Bawa
Models: Soni Kaur, Augustine Shimray
Hair & Make-up: Santosh Gahatraj

If you would like to know more about Asa or his Haute Couture brand Asa Kazingmei, feel free to visit the links below.
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