Sadie Clayton Fall/Winter 2015-16

Sadie Clayton takes her inspirations from erotic romanticism and Japanese living spaces. The mirrored copper metal is a signature material used in the collections. Sadie Clayton transforms the silhouettes into sculptures that are worn on a human body. The collection “AVENTURINE Cu:29″ for the Fall/Winter 2015-16 channeled signature aesthetics. The copper and sculptural elements collided with industrial influences and 3D manipulations. Sadie Clayton was influenced for this season by erotic romanticism and profound darkness. The designer fused together spirituality, metaphysical properties of stones, physiognomy and elements of witchcraft. Photographer Mark Lebon created a short film entitled “School Play”, which was released in a conjunction with the fall/winter lookbook images. Sadie Clayton offered conceptual and high-tech creations.

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