Kim Kardashian Wears Tex Saverio

Kim Kardashian wearing Tex Saverio. Photo courtesy of Tex Saverio.Kim Kardashian wears Tex Saverio in Elle March 2013 Issue.

Tex SaverioA young Indonesian designer Tex Saverio, who goes by the nickname of Rio, is a remarkableTex Saverio talent and a rising star in the fashion industry. I was introduced to his work for the first time through the collection “La Glacon”, which was presented at Jakarta Fashion Week in 2010. His creations are very unique like the designer himself. Tex Saverio creates his incredible gowns for a strong and independent woman, who doesn’t get intimidated by anything. It did not take too long for Tex to be discovered by pop-icon Lady Gaga, who wore his designs on numerous occasions. Tex Saverio took the fashion community by storm. The latest celebrity to wear one of his designs was a reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian, photos of which are printed in the Elle US magazine’s March edition.

“I am happy, this time it came out so fast, so it’s quite a surprise for me. I was wondering, whether I send the right choice or not, since I never worked with Kim Kardashian before, so I was like guessing, what she would look like. But, I am so happy that it turned out good, and I got a great response, even Kim said that she loved it!”

The dress has hand-made embroidery on the top with pleated organza skirt on the bottom, and it comes from the collection “La Glacon” 2011. Kim Kardashian looked stunning in this exquisite gown.
Tex Saverio 2010 Jakarta, Rejuvenate Fashion Show "My Courtesan". Photo courtesy of Tex Saverio.Tex Saverio 2010 Dewi Fashion Knights Show "La Glacon".Tex Saverio "La Glacon" Photoshoot.  Photo courtesy of Tex Saverio.

“In fashion I can create fantasy, and by being a designer, I can turn it into reality.”

Tex Saverio Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 "The Revelation". Photo courtesy of Tex Saverio.Tex Saverio Jakarta Fashion Week 2012 "The Revelation".Tex Saverio "Enchanted Love" Bridal Collection 2012. Photo Deny Setiawan courtesy of Tex Saverio.
His collection was inspired by the contradictory character of ice. La glacon means ice block or icicle. The focus was on a woman’s character that may look fragile on the outside, but it is strong and tough on the inside. Tex used materials, such as organza, tulle, taffeta and synthetic leather processed by laser cutting into the gowns. The collection was opulent, unique and conceptual that launched the start of Tex Saverio.
Kim Kardashian wearing Tex Saverio.

“I love how Nicola styled her, she looks so different…”

Kim Kardashian wearing Tex Saverio.

“She looks strong and poetic.”

Kim Kardashian wears Tex Saverio dress at the beginning & throughout the video.
Tex Saverio 2010 Dewi Fashion Knights Show "La Glacon".

“It was from La Glacon 2011 collection.”

Tex Saverio 2010 Dewi Fashion Knights Show "La Glacon".Tex Saverio 2010 Dewi Fashion Knights Show "La Glacon".

“The dress used hand-made embroidery on top and pleated organza skirt.”

Tex Saverio 2010 Dewi Fashion Knights Show "La Glacon".The model walks on the runway at 6:27 into the video in the dress, that Kim Kardashian wore.

“Ready to wear collection by end of the year…”

Recently, Rio announced that he will be launching his own ready-to-wear label, Tex Saverio. “My vision for my ready-to-wear label is fantasy made reality,” Rio said. His designs are famous for their dramatic and theatrical styles, he explained that these details, somewhat of a trademark, will be kept for his ready-to-wear collections. In order to succeed, Rio is now working with Warren and Faye Liu, whose family has been in the business of manufacturing and apparel trading for over 30 years. “When you enter the world of ready-to-wear, it does not just mean design, but also business, and I can’t do it as a one-man show.” said the designer. Tex Saverio planning to present an installation of his ready-to-wear label at the grand launch of a high-end department store later this year. I am looking forward to more exquisite and intricate designs from the talented Rio.

If you would like to know more about Tex or his brand Tex Saverio, feel free to visit the links below.
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