What is Ice – The Importance of Having a Secure Border


The U.S. Border Patrol is an operational federal agency under the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation


It was created in 1970 and was initially called the U. S. Border Patrol; it later became known as the U. S. Customs and Border Protection. Its stated mission is to guard America from the cross border crime and illegal migration that threaten national security, public safety and public health. It also trains Border Patrol officers on border security.


There are many reasons why the United States needs to take the initiative in establishing an effective Border Protection system. Some are listed below:


  • Security of our economy. The loss of a large portion of illegal immigrants, their families, and their goods have led to an increase in crime rates across the board and an inability to control our borders effectively.
  • Border protection for our National security. The United States has a number of international engagements and partnerships that require that our borders remain effective in order to conduct those activities. The increase of drug smuggling, weapons trafficking, human smuggling and terrorism is a direct result of not having a border protection system in place.
  • Protection of our Nation's borders and national security. Because of the increase in crime, an inability to prevent illegal migration and to maintain our borders, and because of increased threats posed by people attempting to enter the United States illegally, our security requires a robust border protection system. With a proper Border Protection system, the United States will be better prepared to defend our borders and keep our nation safe.
  • The prevention of crime. With a properly functioning Border Protection system we will be able to deter criminals from entering our country. Criminals understand that there is no easy way to cross our border, they know that the only available entrance is the border fence, which makes the process of attempting to cross the border very complicated and dangerous.
  • Ice on our roads. Without a strong Border Protection system, criminals who may have been convicted of crimes such as homicide, sexual assault, rape, or theft would be allowed to stay in our country.


As you can see, the importance of having a strong Border Protection system cannot be overemphasized. Border security is a critical component to the success of all our nation's goals.


However, it is not easy to make changes in our immigration system when there are so many issues to be resolved. We must first address our own lack of trust of the United States immigration system. This trust must be built up before any major changes are made. This will include a complete review of the laws that govern our immigration system.


The American people must realize that their personal safety must come first before the welfare of our Nation, especially when it comes to the welfare of their children. No matter what your opinion of President Bush, his policies, or his Administration, the safety of our Nation depends on our children being protected.


In the United States of America the safety of our children and their future are not a choice. It is a sacred obligation. A vote for the Democrats this November will guarantee that we make our safety and security the top priority. Our children deserve nothing less than that.


A vote for the Democrats will give every citizen of the United States of America the right to live in freedom and peace, without the fear of violence. A vote for the Democrats will guarantee that we make our borders safe again.


A vote for the Democrats will guarantee that we can protect our children, families, and neighbors. A vote for the Democrats will guarantee the protection of our Nation's borders.

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